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My mom has apparently never heard the expression “old as balls,” and I just had her laughing to the point of tears.

Awesome As I Want To Be is seriously the catchiest song on the whole Rainbow Rocks soundtrack. Makes me wish it was longer.

Can we just take a moment to realize what a colossal lie/red herring the promotional material for Rainbow Rocks was?

They practically made it their mission to avoid putting Sunset in or on anything, and then it turns out the plot is 80% Sunset Shimmer and her character arc.

Well done marketing team, you are either geniuses of deception, or compulsive liars who just wanted to screw with the fans expectations.


Okay but has anyone else noticed that Sunset Shimmer is adorable?

Have I mentioned, I think I might be bi and it is all because of one cute girl?

She works at the grocery store we always shop at, and I first noticed her when she said she liked my Homestuck shirt.
I saw her the other day when she wasn’t working and she was with who I assume was her mom picking out a WiiU in the electronics department. And I feel like a doofus because I notice her every time I see her and think she’s cute but I never actually say anything to her. I am sort of fail at life.



Found the leak. Loved the hell out of it. Adorable Sunset Shimmer did not disappoint. Will be buying the DVD.